Heavy Machinery


Guidelines for lifting equipment for heavy machinery

In the world of manufacturing and industry, the use of heavy machinery is sometimes crucial to certain aspects of the production process. This allows us to create products that would otherwise take a huge workforce to handle. The problem we have is the movement and placement of such machines and the purchase of heavy lifting equipment and cranes. This entails great risks and must be done in a way that causes minimal downtime in the business process.

Most companies do not have the power to perform such moves, if they did, to comply

to the very strict health and safety guidelines that exist to protect employees, would cost and
absolute wealth.

Material handling equipment

This is when it is wise to use a professional heavy lifter. They will
no doubt come with their own team of experts and provide all heavy lifting equipment that has been
checked, certified and signed on a regular basis.

Heavy lifting specialists have immediate access to a lot of lifting equipment and perform
extensive risk assessments to ensure that the business runs smoothly and without risk of
accident and injury. They will also have the right insurances in place that cover all
employees involved in the lifting process along with the customer’s property and buildings. Again, it
would simply be impossible for the client to cover the cost of these insurances for a one-time move.

So what heavy lifting equipment can you expect them to take with them?
Here is a small list of available equipment that they can use to perform your heavy fitting.

Portal systems, these can be lifted anywhere between 2 tons and 550 tons.
Forklifts, these can be transported anywhere between 1 ton and 30 tons.
Telescopic bombers, these have an astonishing range of 17 meters.
small cranes can move up to 20 tons Large heavy cranes can lift a huge 1000 tons of weight They will also bring a range of additional lifting accessories.

Code for safe use of lifting equipment

So, let’s just summarize why services from a professional heavy lifting specialist should always be used.

They have all the necessary insurance in place to protect themselves, the client and the public. They will provide all heavy lifting equipment and heavy cranes
They follow very, very strict protocols to ensure safe removal and relocation of heavy machinery and equipment. They will carry out a full risk assessment and project procedure before starting work.

Hiring such a contractor will enable you as a customer to concentrate on your business without the extra stress of carrying out the move.
Heavy lifting contractors work around the clock to move, move and remove heavy industrial machines that are used daily. So the next time you see some big industrial machines working away in production, you know how they did it.

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